Testimonials - Allain/Edwards

Client Testimonials from another couple - Allain/Edwards.

My husband and I were moving from rural Nova Scotia to Ottawa. The difference in the real estate market was stressful enough without having to worry about the competence level of our house inspector. Home Inspectors® came recommended by our lawyer, and thank heavens for that recommendation.

 We already knew the most important thing for us in a house was that it be structurally sound.  We aren't emotional buyers. Cosmetics and wear and tear can be taken care of a little bit at a time, but major issues need to fixed quickly, or our biggest investment would deteriorate around us. Paul Wilson of Home Inspectors understood our needs and made us feel extremely comfortable with the decisions we made.

 Paul Wilson reminded me a lot of Mike Holmes. He could be a Maritimer for how forthright he is. Paul works for you the buyer and doesn't dance around a subject. He doesn't tell you whether or not to buy a house, but he does point out any and all issues, both major and minor. He also explains whether there will be any health implications for any problems found. For someone like me, with sensitivities to mold and dust, this was vitally important.

 Paul pointed out some major structural issues on the first house we bid on. Because of the time of year, the problems weren't readily apparent to either my husband or myself. The seller wasn't willing to renegotiate on the purchase price so we had to walk away. Our budget simply did not allow us to spend upwards of $35 000 on major repairs over and above the purchase price of the home. If it hadn't been for Paul and Home Inspectors we might have made a truly costly mistake.

  As it was, on our second home inspection, everything Paul found were issues that we felt comfortable dealing with. As Paul said, any extra repairs we put into this house would be visible and we would see and enjoy.

 Paul stressed the importance of having a WETT chimney inspection by a certified chimney inspector done prior to using a wood fireplace, and the importance of independent specialist inspections of septic systems and well water for rural properties. They also mentioned the importance of getting CO detectors for every floor.

 I felt reassured that we were making a sound decision in the second house (which we purchased). I would recommend Home Inspectors to anyone I know. Paul's company may charge a little more than non-nationally certified house inspectors but it is worth every penny. Our house is the biggest purchase we will ever make, to us it is worth hiring the very best to make sure we don't end up with a money pit instead of a comfortable home.


 Ann Allain & Jonathan Edwards



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