Portable Heaters
Plugging Just the Right Amount of Heat into Your Home

Portable heaters are a great way to heat up a small area, and can help you save money by not heating your whole home.

Here are some tips on using a portable heater safely:

  • Carefully read the manufacturer's warning markings, as well as the use and care booklet completely before using an air heater. As air heaters produce heat to warm a room, and the heating elements may operate at high temperatures, there is a fire risk if the product is not used correctly.
  • Avoid using extension cords with air heaters. If you must use one, look in the use and care booklet to make sure you choose a cord with the right wire gauge size and type for your heater.
  • Never use worn or frayed extension cords or heaters with a frayed cord because it could cause a fire.
  • Do not use a portable air heater where flammable liquids such as gasoline are used and stored because they have sparking parts inside.
  • Do not place the air heater's power supply cord in high traffic areas so there's no danger of walking on top of or tripping over the cord.
  • Never run the power cord under a carpet, rug, or furniture.
  • Keep air heaters away from water.
  • Keep the air heater at least 3 ft. away from flammable materials, including bedding, clothing, draperies, rugs and furniture.
  • Do not use air heaters in rooms where children are unsupervised.
  • Turn off your air heater and unplug it when leaving the room or going to sleep. Air heaters shouldn't be used unless an adult can watch them.
  • Air heaters must only be used for one function - to provide supplemental heat. Don't use them to warm bedding, cook food, thaw pipes or dry clothing.

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